Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let's get to the point...Wolverine's claws

Guess what we're toying with now for our Marvel license? Hey, wait, who put that picture there!
Now that's what I'm talking about...a set of Hugh Jackman's claws from X3 to compliment that Magneto helm you're getting. For the first time ever, a full scale replica made of leather, adamantium, the works. But they're for display only and come tucked away in a metal display case, so you can't go crazy with them you animals! We're not done with the X stuff so stay tuned.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Vampire Hunter D & 3 year olds

Wow, hard time getting up this morning. Does anyone else have a demanding 3 year old?
Anyway, by the picture you can see that we've gone ahead and done it again. The nice folks over at Dark Horse Comics have worked with us to acquire the license for Vampire Hunter D. D is one of the coolest characters in all of Japanese animation and we're proud to work with the creators to bring D to life. About time too! He has a very cool outfit and the sword is amazing. I'm not telling you fans anything you don't already know, just suffice it to say that making him real will be a challenge we're glad to have.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Captain America and company

You've probably heard rumors about more super heroes coming to the big screen and you'd be right. Capt. America (yes, dead Capt. America) may be coming back from the grave to get the star treatment in 2008 and you know we'll be there. Count on us for the best in collectibles not only from the comic hero, but the sure-to-be blockbuster too. We have the license for this in case your wondering.
I'm going to hit you out of the blue with this and give you a heads up- don't wait on your Halloween or fall Ren Faire outfits from us for too long. Whether it's a whole outfit or just some accessory items, the closer we get to Sept/Oct the harder they'll be to come by. Plan ahead. There...consider yourself warned.
Well I think it's pretty obvious we're fans just like you and although we've had a lot of excitement over licensed products, I want you to know we haven't forgotten our history (pun intended). Our next catalog will feature many new items for the history buff in all of us.
Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Official Props and Clothing Licensee for the World of Warcraft and 300

Have a seat and relax, cause I'm going to wow you with WOW (could I get cornier?)! Don't answer that.

First, what are we going to do? Full size and miniature weapons, armor, helmets, clothing, banners, flags and tunics. But wait, don't act yet, we'll also throw in this set of steak knives! OK, no steak knives (unless their from the game).
Quite a list, specifics to follow. If you play or know someone who does, spread the word that not only is this incredible game going to be a major motion picture, but you'll be able to bring a piece of this amazing world home to cherish. C'mon, you know you want it.
Second, our graphic novel license with Frank Miller has gotten off to a rousing start. The first three items from 300 have been received extremely well and the first shipments are nearly sold out. And why not, they're amazing and just as Frank envisioned them. (By the way, he's really great to work with.) Didn't think we'd let it stop there did you? Next is a real Spartan cape and the broach Frank designed, plus their armor and yes, the leather, ah covering for the nether regions.
Prepare for Glory, but before you do grab a thigh master and start doing a lot of sit ups. Pretty please...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Professor X isn't going to be happy with us!

The Magneto Helm LE (only 2006 will be made) from X-Men: The Last Stand is available now for pre-order. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge...
You know as well as we do that you don't want anyone reading your thoughts or meddling with that melon of yours. Here's your chance to take a stand!
Hello, does anyone even read this? Am I just wasting my time?
You are??? Oh, good. Then I'll continue. We're finishing the first wave of Marvel prototypes for debut at ComicCon, very cool stuff. Save your pennies or you'll be kicking yourself me.
The Bengalla Shipping Lines have docked again and left us The Phantom ring sets. Everyone who saw them wanted them (even those that weren't fans). I'm pretty sure that's a good sign.
Anyway, I'm off to get into more trouble, because that makes for the best news!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Frank Miller's 300 & Sin City live here....

This is Sparta!!!! We just received the amazing news that we will be the official prop and clothing licensee for Frank Miller's iconic graphic novels 300 and Sin City. We have the enviable task of bringing the original graphic novels and their whole world to life in all their realism. That means battle ready arms & armor plus period clothing and accessories the likes you've never seen!
Even cooler is the fact that we can pull from the full array of characters and designs Frank has dreamed up.
We'll be working closely from his novels and with Frank directly to make sure 300 & Sin City are given the justice they deserve.
Now wasn't that fun?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Phantom News

Well, no more Stooges references for awhile. My female cohorts are giving me a pretty hard time (I guess it's genetic). I don't know why, they're hilarious...
Anyway Phantom news doesn't mean no news, it means that our King Features licensed products are finally getting ready for release and it starts with the quintessential action hero and one many believe started it all- The Ghost Who Walks.
First up will be his custom 1911 Colts with display plaque. Full metal and functioning in every way (no firing pin and the barrel is blocked so behave), the magazine ejects, the barrel slides, the works. It's the first time this prop has been done for "real".
Of course, what would the guns be without the iconic holster? Top grain leather with the custom Phantom buckle he's famous for. The belt is adjustable so the Phantom in all of us can wear it. Modeled directly from the one worn in the 1996 hit movie by Billy Zane. I hear you say, "What about the rings?" well they're on the way too of course.
Here's the kicker, every piece in this series will come with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity and only 250 of each item will be made. Yes, 250. That's it, so get yours while the Bengalla Shipping Lines are docked, because once these beauties are gone, well you know.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Progress Report

I bet you all expected a progress report on the other fun things we're up to? Well, I've got nothin, nyuk nyuk nyuk. C'mon why would I be writing? Actually something did break for us recently. We acquired a license from Showtime based on their series The Tudor's for clothing, armor and weapons. We'll even be designing props to be used on set for the remainder of the second incredible season. How cool did history just get? And you'll be able to own a piece of it!
I'm probably loosing some of the fem fatales with all the stooges stuff nyuk nyuk nyuk, but if the shoe fits (and the stooges do for us)'ve got to go with what brung ya.
Have a great weekend!