Friday, June 22, 2007

Captain America and company

You've probably heard rumors about more super heroes coming to the big screen and you'd be right. Capt. America (yes, dead Capt. America) may be coming back from the grave to get the star treatment in 2008 and you know we'll be there. Count on us for the best in collectibles not only from the comic hero, but the sure-to-be blockbuster too. We have the license for this in case your wondering.
I'm going to hit you out of the blue with this and give you a heads up- don't wait on your Halloween or fall Ren Faire outfits from us for too long. Whether it's a whole outfit or just some accessory items, the closer we get to Sept/Oct the harder they'll be to come by. Plan ahead. There...consider yourself warned.
Well I think it's pretty obvious we're fans just like you and although we've had a lot of excitement over licensed products, I want you to know we haven't forgotten our history (pun intended). Our next catalog will feature many new items for the history buff in all of us.
Enjoy the weekend!

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