Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Frank Miller's 300 is hot!

Wow, thanks for the overwhelming response to our Spartan items from Frank Miller's graphic novel 300. They're true to Frank's original intention and of course, they're real which makes them incredibly cool.
Order yours soon, really, the first two shipments sold out before they hit the shores and the next are destined for the same. Halloween and Xmas are closer than you think and these are proving to be the hottest collectible to own.
Take a look at to see all the Frank Miller items as well as Marvel and other licenses too.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pirate Camp is in...are you arrrrgh enough?

We've recently finished working on another feature length movie that's not all blood and guts, you can actually show it to your kids (in fact, that's who it's for). Pirate Camp from Antibody Films stars Corbin Bernson and will be available soon on DVD. It's a fun, adventurous romp for the whole family! We hope you enjoy the costumes especially, they're ours and show what we can't in our catalogs and websites- they look good and hold up no matter how they're used.

You can't go wrong with a little swashbuckling, light hearted humor and Blackbeard can you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Serenity & Firefly, plus more Iron Man!

Hey, you've almost missed your chance to own the greatest collectibles in the Verse! Our Serenity license is expiring, so that means this is your last chance to own full size replicas of River's Reaver axe & sword set, the Operatives sword with back scabbard (just like the movie) and Mal's Browncoat. All functional, durable and real- Shiny!

Just a note, the original Iron Man helms in silver and gold are very limited and will be arriving in Sept. This is the first time this technology has ever been available from Stark Industries. You can pre-order now- it may be the only way you'll get one. And for you retro Sci-Fi fans, the helms are typical of the 50's & 60's era robots- the retro factor is way cool on these two styles (whether you like Tony Stark or not).

Here's another peek into the Iron Man movie. Wow, we can't wait to bring this version to life! Save your pennies for spring '08. Stark won't give the replicas out to just anyone and certainly not for free.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Magneto & Iron Man Ship Dates

All you X-Men fans get ready, the first of our X-line will be in the house later this month. The first shipment of Magneto helms from X3 are on the way. Remember they are limited to only 2006 and include hand numbered certs. Act fast to get in on the first shipment or you'll be at the mercy Prof. X (or worse Phoenix)! Next in the line is Cyclops visor from X2 coming around X-mas (of course I would spell it that way).
Also coming soon are the original Iron Man helms, both silver and gold versions will be arriving in Sept. Again very limited, silver only 1463 made and gold only 500. Don't let the chance to own a rare Stark Industries legendary innovation pass you by.
The certs for the Marvel line feature art from the original comics so they look just as good on display as the old comics did!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More Comic Con Fun & Sneak Peeks

How about that? That's the Iron Man Mark I on loan from Stark Industries and Stan Winston Studios. Who wouldn't want a piece of this movie making prowess, we know we do and we'll be bringing it to you along with the other props from the movie around the May release date.
That Thor helm and Infinity gauntlet are pretty sweet as well. Who knew the power of the universe would lie with us. Wow, that's a lot of pressure...
More pics to come!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Come see us at Dragon Con

You are cordially invited to our Museum Replicas/Windlass Studios booths at the upcoming Dragon Con.

This Aug 31 to Sept 3, Atlanta, GA will be the ultimate place to be. The Con is huge and spread out over various connected hotels, so make sure you get to the Hilton Grand Ballroom booths 177-179 or else... Remember if you don't see anything else but us, well then, you're not seeing anything else I guess. (You won't be disappointed.)

The highlight will be our Marvel and Frank Miller collectibles, but you'll also see collectibles from The Phantom, Drizzt, Practikilts and much, much more. Great photo ops can be had by all. Show blowout specials on popular items and pre-orders will be on the menu too. But wait don't act yet, we'll also throw in this pair of steak knives! No steak knives? Do we have anything to give out? That's OK, forget it, they haven't read this far anyway.

We look forward to you buying us a drink! What? Oh, I meant to seeing you there. 1

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Comic Con Mayhem!

Don't make me come over there Persian! Hey wait, get back here...I can't run...I'm just a mannequin, damn.!!! Actually it's part of our booth at Comic Con. Plus our very own fun-in-the-sun Dave DiPietro being serious as usual. Honest, you should see him when he's zany, it's not a pretty picture. That's the Infinity Gauntlet next to our Spartan and Cyclops visor to the left of Dave.

See all this (yes, Dave will be there) and more at the upcoming Dragon Con. Don't say we never gave you a chance. East coast, check. West coast, check. Hey, that makes us equal opportunity coasters.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

If you haven't noticed (and judging by the website hits you haven't) there's a great new place to share your love for collectibles and history at

Create a persona, blog, post photos, video clips, chat or just hang out with like minded individuals who love all things historical. Plus it's the perfect place to discuss related topics from movies, TV, and literature or you can just poke fun at others. OK, we don't really want that, but you can show your alter-ego side and let it live and breath with those that need to be free too.

See you there...