Monday, August 31, 2009

Latest Catalogs

They're about to hit and we must apologize in advance, we know money is tight, but darn if we don't have some reallllly cool stuff.

Miniature historical bowies and combat knives just like their larger cousins in every way just...cute. New frontier knives made in the USA! Kick ass Mantis knife designs, unique outdoor knives for the sportsman, hunter, soldier, suvivalist and anyone who needs a darn good cutting tool. How about a Confederate pistol or a Wanted/Rewards historical poster set? Trust me there's a bit for everyone and some items can be custom engraved for a very personal touch.

New medieval helmet, Robin Hood outfit, Tudors King Henry outfit and awesome T-shirts. We haven't forgot you ladies, there are gowns galore and jewelry to match. Statues, replica coins, drinking horns, LARP poly armor and leather accessories and so much more.

Call us anytime for a catalog from each division and if you get too much drool on one you can call back for another, we know how it is.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Halloween Early!

So you want to be a Civil War soldier, pirate, assassin, the Phantom, Spartan warrior, Roman soldier or just plain royalty for Halloween? Something else? Not a problem. We have a full line of outfits for men and women, even kids. We know how hard it is to get geared up right for a special themed event and not look too dorky doing it. Whether it be Halloween, a Ren Faire, wedding, Con, you name it, we've got you covered right down to the boots.

You deserve real outfits made of leather, wool, silk, cotton and poly/cotton blends so that you not only look the part, but feel the part of who ever you decide to become. Plus we ship worldwide (most items anyway, Customs gets funny about some of our "toys") so no excuses this year or any other for not looking awesome.

Heck I'm even going to be know what, I'll let you guess. And if you nail it I'll send you 2 gift cards worth from $10-$100 each. Go ahead and leave your guess in comments (keep it relatively clean, I'm not that kind of boy so no Little Bo Peep references). First one to nail the theme wins, either way I'll end the suspense Sept 18. I may even drop hints along the way. A little bio to help you out- I like puppies, long walks on the beach, sunsets, oh wait not that bio...

Our items sell out quickly heading into the fall so don't wait too long or that dorky thing you want to avoid may come true.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Back!

Well now that was refreshing! Always good to get away and come back to the chaos of our world. Maybe I should go away more often, while I was away Atlanta Cutlery has extended some amazing discount prices and expanded the selection on the amazing line of antiques from Britain/Nepal which can be viewed on Atlanta Cutlery, it's being updated as we speak, write, er read, whatever...

Important firearms, bayonets and accessories loved by historians, collectors, museums, reenactors (are you kidding, the real thing at replica prices), educators, and collectors of movie & TV history. As mentioned before these are legally classified as antiques so no FFL is required to buy or sell them. Plus due to the limited nature of the cache many models will sell out fast, especially at these reduced prices so act with some haste. You can enjoy in the comfort of your home or office what you would normally have to view from behind glass at a museum, how amazing is that?

Licensing News
Lastly we've recently finished our classic Phantom collection with an official jungle knife in a beautiful presentation box. It's a unique bowie style knife made for the Bengala Jungle. Available around Xmas. Now you've got the official holster, blank firing guns, rings, outfit (sorry doesn't come with Slimfast) and his knife. The full kit never before offered and as approved by King Features. Hey if you can't fight crime now...then you're just like me. We'll continue the classic collection with Prince Valiant next and then Flash Gordon.

Travel back in time with us, gear up and go retro!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Announcing...Our latest license

Boy, the way these blogs have gone I feel like I need to tell you something earth shattering, like announcing yet another cool license. But even we need to stop every once in a while and plan with so much on the table. OK, ok don't push, I do have something really cool to share- almost gotcha didn't I?

We're currently working with Universal on the latest Ridley Scott epic starring Russell Crowe called Nottingham: The Robin Hood Story (although that's a working title right now and could change). An amazing movie from what we can tell so far and Russell Crowe is giving his usual gritty performance as he did in Gladiator. We'll be producing the clothing and props with the same attention to detail we always do and you should have a chance to own the outfits by spring 2010.

There's the shot across your bow, don't say you weren't warned, now start saving your pennies!

BTW, I'll be out of touch from today through the weekend, but back again mid next week. Are those tears? I understand.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Whatcha' doin' over Labor Day weekend? Nothing? Great, I'll make plans for just us then. You're cordially invited to spend the weekend with us at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. The show is one of the few still fan run and very fan friendly, in fact if you don't dress up in some sort of sci fi, movie, anime, or sexy (yeah I went there) outfit, you may stand out and that ain't good.

It's literally fun for all ages and a chance to get great deals on collectibles and LARP items from us at a huge discount and see things we haven't shown before (as if seeing us wasn't enough). Plus we're giving away free gift cards to everyone who simply comes by as a thank you. We programmed them with anywhere from $10-$100 at random making getting your next item from us really easy. Who loves ya?

Any questions about the show go to

We hope to see all of you there...except you in the straight jacket, nothing personal.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shangri La exists!

Shangri La exists! Well, sort of. This is old news for all our ACC patrons, but probably new to our MRL followers. And since we know you love history, accuracy and a little romance and adventure (hey, who doesn't?), I wanted to let all of you know about our cache of real antique firearms and accessories.

You heard me right, real- complete and original military history from the British occupation of Nepal. It's a long story, you see first the earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, then...oh never mind. In an 8 year journey half way across the globe we made arrangements to purchase and have transferred to us Nepal's entire military arsenal from the last 150 years through WWII and the British occupation. It's a very rare find and a chance to own what you normally only see behind glass in a museum.

The collection is so unique many museums have finished their firearms collections with the guns. Brown Bess muskets from the Civil War, Martini Henry's from the Zulu campaigns, musket balls and flints from the Napoleonic era knapped in England, bayonets, patch knives and more. Turn your home or office into a real museum. And the best part is you can handle everything, most in their untouched state. Re-enactors have taken advantage too, who wouldn't want to carry the real thing?

Don't worry; they're all authentic antiques so no FFL is required to purchase or own one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Catalogs Coming Soon

Wow, cool stuff afoot here. We just merchandised our new catalogs and we've got some really hot stuff from Remington, military issue from Blackhawk, gadgets never seen for all you spy guys, and other unique cutting tools we've designed for tactical use and even have some high-end collector pieces that are limited editions. September is going to be good, so make sure to call us anytime at 800-883-8838 and ask to be put on the mailing list, we'll send a few catalogs out at no cost to you...yep we like you that much.

We've got many great places for you to visit online, I'll try to keep this simple:

Museum Replicas for clothing, weapons, armor, etc. from the Greeks to the Renaissance, plus many licensed pieces from movies, books and more

Atlanta Cutlery for clothing, military items (surplus & replica), hunting, tactical and more from the Civil War up to today

Windlass Studios highlights many of our licensed pieces if you don't want to wade through history

While you're at the office pretending to work on your computer you could at least browse the sites. If your boss says anything tell him we sent ya'.

Monday, August 3, 2009

History Lesson

For all of you who don't know, we've been around since 1943, and in the US since 1971. We started with military contracts which we still do today for countries in the UK, EU, S. & N. America, including the US Marines. We make individual equipment like current issue swords, sabers, combat knives, holsters, belts, etc. Yeah, pretty cool.

The beautiful stuff you get from our licensed line and our own brands comes from these ISO certified factories which we privately own. We're extremely proud the various governments choose us and we take very seriously the work and products we supply to our fighting men and women. To all our Service men & women, we salute you!

There, that's your history lesson for the day. Class dismissed.