Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

OK, it takes a little time, and not much it seems with us which is why we're so cool to keep up with, but we've been hard at work and here's a little proof-

We are proud and excited to announce that on Oct 25th we'll be going live with our first wave of World of Warcraft collectibles. Tune in on the 25th to the website to see what items are in the first wave. Or check out World of Warcraft, Blizzard or any of their affiliate sites to see the announcement on the same day. Nope I'm not telling what they are so don't ask. I told you not to ask. The items will surely be in ultra hot demand as the game is one of the most popular in the world so prepare your Xmas list accordingly.

Where do you direct your product suggestions? We get that question many times a year and as we've said in the past there are times we get some of our inspiration directly from you so we encourage those good ideas running aimlessly through your head. Not the constant nagging, annoying, whiny type of suggestion, but the occasional constructive one is great. Most likely what we haven't thought of, you have.

There are business decisions that weigh on us when you suggest things that need to be considered to make something practical, but you never know, so:

*Direct all your annoying questions to people we don't like

*Direct others to the email on this site, it's that easy. We re-route when necessary to the right staff internally when you send and everything does get a look, really.

We've been hit pretty good this year for our period outfits and costumes which is good, but means we'll be low on some items and out of stock on others. Don't wait until the last minute!


Nickname unavailable said...

I'm afraid this might come under your category of 'annoying questions', but I can't figure out any other way to get Museum Replicas to respond. And you DID ask for suggestions...
To cut to the chase, why oh why does no one at Museum Replicas EVER respond to a pre-sales question about a product? I have bought several items over the years from you guys, and would have bought several more, but anytime I email your "customer service" with a simple question about a product, it goes unanswered. No reply, no acknowledgement, nothing. The mental picture I have is of some bored employee checking the email once a month; when it gets over a screen's worth, they click on 'Select All' followed by 'Delete'.
Lately, I've adopted the following procedure when I see something on your web site, or in your catalog, that I am interested in buying: I do a Google search on the item to see who else is selling it, then contact THEIR customer service department with my questions. Once I make the decision to buy, I of course feel honor bound to purchase it from the company that actually answered my questions.
Note that I do not do this to find the lowest price; I am relatively indifferent to price. I simply want to do business with a company that has the courtesy to reply to their email when a long-standing customer asks a question.
You said in your column that you would re-direct comments to the appropriate person, so perhaps you could see to it that someone in management sees this. Please do NOT direct it to Customer Service, as it will of course be deleted without reading if it shows up there.
Incidently, if you want a recent example of this behavior, look for an email I sent last week with a question about your 'Roman Mail Shirt'. Presumably you would find it in the 'Deleted Items' folder in Customer Service's mail box.
Thanks for listening,
John Bendiksen

Ally Barnes said...

Hi John -

I am sorry you have had problems reaching us by e-mail. We are currently testing the system to see if there is a problem we were unaware of. We began checking into this when you left your comment about the Roman Mail Shirt online, which unfortunately was done anonymously so we could not reach you directly. You can always reach us by phone at 800-883-8838. We appreciate your taking the time to make us aware of the issues you are having, thank you very much!