Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sneak Peaks...

The Truth Is...

I am Iron Man. Whoa, have you seen the trailer just released? The alternate poster? No, well you should and we'll give you the scoop and some of our background research as we go. Start here, you won't be sorry

The Most Romantic Kiss Ever?

Speaking of research, "Anyone wanna peanut?" How about "You killed my father, prepare to die." We get commissioned frequently beyond the licensed work you see on our sites. In fact many of you have been familiar with our work for years without knowing it. Lord of the Rings, Troy, Sahara, Percy Jackson, Rocketeer to name a few. This is a sneak peek of us working on The Princess Bride swords which are licensed and will be released for the first time early next year. Hard to believe it's taken so long, but we're proud to be working on them now. The swords on the drawing table are the actual ones used on set by Cary Elwes (Dread Pirate Roberts) and Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya). Yep, damn cool.

Pictured are Bruce Brookhart, one of our guru's of historical sword design and me, Robin Chaudhuri as I'm project manager on all our licensed projects (sitting). I'm usually in the pic when a beauty shot is needed. =)

Authenticity is absolutely key and we take it very seriously. Hours go into the initial research before a single technical drawing or prototype is started. You see the beginnings here.

Discover the cult favorite at or if you're like us and already fans, just enjoy some moments with your favorite characters.

Have fun storming the castle!



mutantpoo said...

Holy purified crap on a cracker !
Inigo's sword !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My prediction... Best Sword Ever .

Rob C said...

Could be, I don't have six fingers, but I want one.

mutantpoo said...

I hope it doesn't weight a.. ton.

kusaka said...

"Contact Us" forn is not working.
i have order question. please check site or teach me mail address.

Rob C said...

Should be good on the weight, the same hilts were used for the fight scenes so they had to be similar to any historical counterpart rapier to make them manageable and whip quick. We've designed them to be real as they were made for the set, we know they'll go on display, but you want to know they could do all the things the actors did with them don't you? Me too.

Lastly here is another contact email

mutantpoo said...

Heh, sorry was going for the whole Giant rhyme thing one...ton.
Didn't mean to imply they would be awkward, lol.

Rob C said...

Nicely...done, with your...ton.