Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sword Design

I guess you should know a little about our sword designs, especially when it comes to historical and unique designs since that's what we started with decades ago.

We're the only company with full time designers on staff, and amongst other things they do like photography and copy they make all our edged designs.

Starting with a BS session, we decide what direction to take based on requests/demand and the entertainment industry- basically what is hot or will be. (OK sometimes we just make what we want because we can, but that's the minority). Once we come up with a short list a blade is technically drawn out to scale and the hilt is hand made in wood & resin. When satisfied, the initial prototype goes to our factory to become real.

Experts hand forge the blade per our specs and make the hilt from the desired materials- wood, leather, steel, brass, what ever is appropriate to capture the design. It is then sent to us for review and testing. This is where we tweak the design and/or approve it for production. The process up to this point can take weeks to months. Overall each sword made has been worked on for 3-4 months before you see it in our catalog.

A long hard process that's fun, but also expensive and trying, but you're worth it.

I'll be on vacation (we get those every now and then) this week, but will be back with more fun next week. Enjoy the time off.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cutting Demo

Life wouldn't be fun here without a little cutting, chopping, throwing of weapons, generally controlled mayhem. Our pieces are used all the time on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, TV shows & movies, but you can read that else where on this site, what's just as cool to us is to hear your own experiences- provided you have a level of knowledge and respect for the pieces and use them properly and safely that is.

Our Heron Mark sword was put through the ringer again by our staff and came out with flying colors. We test all our items at one time or another and re-test many long time favorites. Yep, our jobs suuuuuuuck. =) The balance, weight and feel are very quick and lively, but with enough substance to cut through pork shoulder, bone, cardboard tubes and tatami mats with ease. It still remains one of our favorites.

Just a quick tech note: we hand forge blades of 1085 or 1095 high carbon steel, fully temper and provide full tangs on our edged weapons so they can perform like the originals. RC about 47 which we find to be a good practical range. Despite what the movies show, a sword was often times an impact weapon and not a cutting one. This RC allows enough flex to absorb shocks and bounce back while still maintaining a good edge which can be field serviced.

Which brings me to the over used term "Battle Ready"- this doesn't mean you can be abusive, silly & reckless. Yeah I'm looking at you. We mean that how history has proven they were really used, revered, taken care of and performed against the defenses of the day, that is how you can expect the items you get from us to perform.

Swords are like people, treat them well and they'll be your friend for many years to come.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Martini Anyone?

Shaken, not stirred. (Didn't see that coming? You need to get out more.) If I had a nickel every time I used that line I'd have like 8 bucks now.

History is Yours

British Martini Henry rifleOriginal, untouched, real, authentic Martini Henry rifles are being sold for the first time ever on our sister site. One of the most iconic and popular guns used during the British Empire and further made famous during the African campaigns and movies based around the Zulu Wars. These are the actual guns used by the British and by many countries armed forces that were influenced by their occupation. A very rare chance to own a genuine piece of history in its untouched state, plus many other new items from the treasures brought back from Nepal.

As a bonus, anyone who purchases through the end of the year can save an extra 10% when purchasing from this stunning collection just by entering the blog code ACB01 when checking out. And that's not all... we are also adding the book Treasure is Where You Find It to most of our guns for free (while supplies last)! Another little thank you for following our exploits.

OK, OK I hear ya, a little somthin' for the ladies next time? Sounds good to me, there's a lot of testosterone floating around here as you can imagine. I'll get with the wonderful women who hold us together and see what they come up with. Not that a woman packing isn't attractive...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Supreme Replicas & Harry Potter

Welcome back Mr. Kotter. Guess that dates me a bit. It's good to be home and I'm able to share some tasty bits with you after our travels.

Harry Potter
What a set, what costumes and what great people at Warner. All as good as you imagined it could be. Sometimes we're a bit disappointed when we see beyond the magic of the screen, but not this time. You can't go wrong with that combo. We got a great start and spent days without rest...really, to get as much info as possible on the actors sizes, cut-patterns, materials etc. It can take a team of two an entire afternoon to come to grips with just one outfit correctly. But we're happy and proud to do the work for you muggles. We lost one staff member under the Invisibility Cloak, but they turned up later near the catering truck. Have to be careful with that item...

Supreme Replicas Europe
Although we've been at it for awhile we can safely say we have got an amazing set-up in Berlin Germany to handle all our UK/EU accounts from a distributor, wholesale and retail stand point. There's even a store on Oranienburger Str. 46/47. All our friends will get stellar treatment from our Supreme Replicas staff and our entire line of products from clothing, LARP, historical weapons and licensed items will be warehoused on the continent making it easier than ever. www.supremereplicas.com

On our trip we met a Polish Baron and he not only endorsed many of the products, but has asked us to design a sword for his family. Once the research is done we may even offer the royal sword here. It's not often you get the chance to act on living history!

My Halloween Contest
Thanks to all for avoiding the tempting fat jokes, short jokes, tall jokes, skinny jokes, etc. when guessing my costume for Halloween. I am a little short for a Stormtrooper sooooo, I'm actually going to a couple of events one as an Imperial Officer (yeah, I get to wear the approved sample which is cool) and as Tony Stark (I like alcohol and dancing girls on planes so it seemed to fit). Since no one really nailed it exactly, I'd like to send you all a gift card for participating. I'm just that kinda guy. Who loves ya? Call in your answer given with your user ID to 800-241-3664, we'll double check, get your info and mail it out post haste. Thanks, again.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dragon Con

We'd like to give a big thank you to all who attended Dragon Con and visited our booth! You helped make it a great success and we love seeing the costumes and enthusiasm around the work we do. We'll be back next year too (Sept 3-6) and hopefully will see all of you again and even more great fans.


The Iron Man Arc Reactor and Wolverine motorcycle jacket/dog tag set are available for pre-order on http://www.museumreplicas.com/default.aspx?affiliateID=10056 and they're really flying. Get in soon if you can Bub to be assured you get in on the first shipments, probably around Nov/Dec.

We're all doing a great deal of travel over the next week or so for Harry Potter & Robin Hood (jealous much?), I'll be in Berlin with our EU accounts and will try to keep you in the loop, but you know how that goes. Not that you're not important, but I do horrible jet-lag blogs.

Somehow I don't get the impression you're feeling too sorry for us? Tired or not, we should have some fun stuff to share when we return late next week.