Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

From everyone at Atlanta Cutlery and Museum Replicas we want to wish you and yours the very best this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sneak Peaks...

The Truth Is...

I am Iron Man. Whoa, have you seen the trailer just released? The alternate poster? No, well you should and we'll give you the scoop and some of our background research as we go. Start here, you won't be sorry http://www.ironmanmovie.com/

The Most Romantic Kiss Ever?

Speaking of research, "Anyone wanna peanut?" How about "You killed my father, prepare to die." We get commissioned frequently beyond the licensed work you see on our sites. In fact many of you have been familiar with our work for years without knowing it. Lord of the Rings, Troy, Sahara, Percy Jackson, Rocketeer to name a few. This is a sneak peek of us working on The Princess Bride swords which are licensed and will be released for the first time early next year. Hard to believe it's taken so long, but we're proud to be working on them now. The swords on the drawing table are the actual ones used on set by Cary Elwes (Dread Pirate Roberts) and Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya). Yep, damn cool.

Pictured are Bruce Brookhart, one of our guru's of historical sword design and me, Robin Chaudhuri as I'm project manager on all our licensed projects (sitting). I'm usually in the pic when a beauty shot is needed. =)

Authenticity is absolutely key and we take it very seriously. Hours go into the initial research before a single technical drawing or prototype is started. You see the beginnings here.

Discover the cult favorite at http://www.princessbrideforever.com/ or if you're like us and already fans, just enjoy some moments with your favorite characters.

Have fun storming the castle!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Thief Or A Hero?

The first Robin Hood trailer went live today. Russell Crowe at his Gladiator best and Cate Blanchett give wonder performances (trust us). Not only will you get all your movie news here, but inside looks at our research into recreating this world for you to own.

The trailer will play in theaters starting Friday before the 2D showings of Avatar. Or be the first to check it out at http://www.robinhoodthemovie.com/


Friday, December 11, 2009


A new feature to the blog will introduce you to our staff and their personal favorite products from our current ACC and MRL divisions and why. Because we believe in and buy what we sell, we wouldn't ask you to if we didn't. Different categories each time, once a month. No bias, no sales hype, just what we like after being around this stuff for decades. We hope you enjoy our first category:

What's your favorite weapon?

Dave DiPietro, Head of Marketing and MRL product development- "The Classical Medieval Sword , because many swords made from this time period feel clunky, this one doesn't. It's got balance and it's light, it's just really mean. You know when you hold it that this is what a fighting man used."

Les Atkins, Head of IT- "The bar mace, it's hefty, solid and doesn't matter how you swing it or what you hit. For anyone who lacks fighting skill, you can wield this and still do damage. I like something you don't have to be perfect with to be effective."

Greg Gerling, General Manager- "The guerrilla machete, because it's simple, clean and functional. A practical piece in the field."

Travis Baer, Showroom Manager- "The Shirasaya, it's just beautiful, well made and the rich rose wood finish is gorgeous. You have to see it in person."

Terry Moss, Catalog Manager- "The Martini Henry's, you can't get a better story and relive history."

Bruce Brookhart, Sword Designer- "Blackhawk Tatang is one of the best remakes of a jungle fighting knife to come out in years. Great for all purpose self defense and outdoor work."

Bobby Milanese, shop monkey- "15th Century Longsword is pretty to the eye with good balance and just calls out to me."

Brandi, Wholesale Acct Manager- "Glacier Bay Knife a good knife in the woods, light, but strong with the full tang. I've dug holes with it and it stayed pretty sharp."

You don't want to mess with Brandi! Hope you enjoyed a quick look into what we like and why. Sometimes you can't explain the attraction, but it's there and a lot of our products pull us in whether we make them or not.

Me? I like the Kershaw Whiplash, Kershaw's just seem to fit my hand and the blade profiles seem to be made for what I like to do and how. It's like they're in my head...


Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Things Star Wars

Star Wars Insider #114 is hitting the stands now and has a feature article on our line of replicas with incredible pictures showing off the initial line next to the originals. Plus amazingly insightful commentary if I do say so myself. OK, it was myself, what else am I going to say?

We aren't the only reason to pick it up, although that should be enough. Our friend Dave Filoni, director of Clone Wars has a great Q & A, Mark Hamill gives thoughts on the Force plus reviews of books, comics, games, products and more. It's what's happening hot stuff.

Our latest license will be back! We entered into an agreement to expand our Terminator line of clothing. I can't share details yet, but you'll be glad we did. Clear some space in that dresser and closet, you'll want these.

FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!! You heard me right, all our divisions are offering shipping free through the holiday on any order over $200 (coupon code: freeshp). Now's your chance to get that suit of armor. Enjoy.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Teaser Poster From IM2 Just Released

How cool is this movie going to be? I hope someone makes incredible props from it. Oh wait, that'd be us. A series of amazing helmets, gadgets and other fun stuff from Stark Industries and S.H.I.E.L.D. will be innncommmmming May 2010. Sci-fi geek or not, if this poster doesn't look awesome to you we're sending Nick Fury to set you straight. Sort of makes sense that a military contractor (us) would be doing this stuff doesn't it?


Lucasfilm announced Star Wars Celebration V today to honor the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. (Stop drooling you'll ruin your keyboard.) It will take place in Orlando in August 2010. They don't do these often padawan, do as your master tells you and check it out. Just seeing us there should be worth it- I'm using the Jedi mind trick right now to convince you. Sort of loses something over the web doesn't it? I'll get you more info as we get it, but plan now, this show is hot with licensees, stars, panels the works and all dedicated to our favorite wookie. Well maybe not just him...