Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make Halloween count this year!

It’s nice to feel the cool weather again. Not just because it’s a break from the heat, but it also means that Halloween is right around the corner! So what are you going to be? Have you picked out a costume yet? Or maybe you’re just having a rough time deciding. We can help you out! As always, you can choose from our seemingly endless line of costumes, ensembles, and accouterments that we’ve been bringing to you for years. However, we’ve also got a wide selection now of Halloween classics; such as Vampires, Pirates, Ghosts, for men, women, and children. Can’t really go wrong with at least one of those, right?

All of us here… well most of us… REALLY enjoy Halloween. So much, that we are aiming to double the fun, the scares, and oh yes, the partying. How? Well, a few honestly. For our complete costume kits, we are offering 20% off original price using the code kit20 ! Can’t visit us before then, and need a costume fast? Well, we will be offering free shipping for ALL costume kit orders over $49.00! Follow the link to view all of those costumes. It’ll inspire the party monster in you.

Finally, if you need any extra tips for Halloween, come visit us and we'll help ya out.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So a lot of people have been asking about our Harry Potter and Star Wars lines (not just when they'll be shipping) future characters. Have no fear...our lines will continue to expand into many other aspects of Hogwarts and the SW Universe. We sincerely hope you enjoy the first wave of outfits and although we'd like to bring all out at once, I'm sure you realize how hard that would be!

Harry Potter has the full House uniforms for Gryffindor and Slytherin (male & female), Professor Snape, Dumbledore, Hermione's Yule gown, Invisibility cloak and drum roll...He Who Must Not Be Named. Our second wave coming early next year will have many more favorites like the other Houses, McGonnigle, Hooch, Bellatrix, and much more.

Star Wars will see the stormtrooper, Emperor Palpatine, Mace, Dooku, Han, Leia, you get the idea added to the line.

So be patient my little padawans and muggles we're with you on these great properties.

Speaking of great properties there are new licensed products coming exclusively from us including Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spartacus, Zulu, Terminator and a few others I'll sneak out to you later. You're officially warned so start saving again, because I know you'll want what we've got. I know I do.

Dragon Con
Any one in the Atlanta area this weekend? Please come by Dragon Con and see us in the Imperial Ballroom of the Marriott.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stormtrooper, Luke & Emperor Oh My!

Didn't I tell you? After many blaster fights, our new Stormtrooper is going to be on display for the first time at Comic Con and Celebration V. And speaking of firsts, this is the very first time that Lucasfilm has let anyone cast directly off a screen worn suit from A New Hope, with all it's glorious quirks and all. We'll be taking pre-orders later this fall so start saving those Republic Credits. And you can't have minions without a leader so you'll also get the complete Emperor outfit as well (being shown at the same time).

Don't worry, for all of you that can't come dry your tears. We'll have full spreads soon on our site and catalogs. Not the same you say? Hey we're not the ones late on the draw for tickets to the show.

Well we're off to the Con, stop by and say hi or we'll think you antisocial and such. You wouldn't want that would you?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Q&A - ComicCon

We've heard from a few of you about Comic Con and not being able to attend, which we're sorry about. Mostly because it robs you of a good chance to see the new items we have coming. Now I can't give more info than this until after the show in a few weeks, so put your hand down, but here's a sneak peek:

Harry Potter-
Hermione Yule Gown
Snape entire outfit
Dumbledore entire outfit
House outfits complete
Invisibility cloak, not for you muggles

All as worn on screen. We will be displaying at the park in Orlando too, but couldn't get everything together in time to do both events- Grand opening and the Con, but we're on it.

Iron Man 2 Nick Fury leather trench coat
Iron Man 2 Stark racking jacket
Iron Man 2 new arc reactor
Iron Man 2 suitcase suit (as a case)
Nick Fury classic issue SHIELD gun
Nick Fury classic ID set/wallet

Plus all new Star Wars stuff!

We should have many items up on our websites late July for pre-order so check back often. I might even do a special give away, if your nice to me of course...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Magic and the Force!

Wow, Harry Potter and Star Wars in the same sentence - take cover the world may explode! Sorry, we get caught up in working and all that so it's been a while. Just so you know we'll have more staff to handle this bloggy stuff soon so we can keep you in the loop regularly. Sadly I won't be a regular, but I'm still watching you...I laugh at your Restraining Order!

We're proud to be a sponsor of the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination event taking place at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. It will be running into September so grab the padawans and head over. A full Star Wars museum of props and outfits (including our own), NASA stuff, Millennium Falcon rides, pod races, and the Jedi Experience which we are happy to say sold out. You can never have too many Jedi running amok.

We'll also be an awesome exhibiting presence at Comic Con in San Diego in July and Celebration V in Orlando in August for our full Star Wars line (I do mean full, for the first time, and much of it shipping), our new complete Harry Potter line of movie quality replica clothing, Iron Man 2 items and much more. Yep, we're going to dazzle you if you go.

We'll be giving away money (well, gift cards with $10-$100 on them) plus a Harry Potter special hand out made just for Comic Con.

Really, we hope to see as many of you as possible, we value you more than you know, you complete us.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's that time of year again....

Hey where've you been? Right there, oh, must be me then. Now pay attention.

Come see us and you won't be disappointed, at least with the product. We have our annual fire sale, not one Bruce Willis needs to be at although we wouldn't mind, but one for our company on May 22. A great chance to meet the staff and get monster savings on everything we sell. Regular current catalog merchandise 15% off, but the really cool thing is all discontinued items, one-ofs, prototypes, slightly damaged, etc. are at or below cost and we mean everything- clothing to weapons. You'll find items 50-80% off, but you need to be here. Call us if you can make it, 800-883-8838. This goes for our Atlanta Cutlery stuff too.

Licensed Stuff

Iron Man 2 will be all the rage soon and trust us, some really, really cool stuff is coming. We'll be debuting at the ComicCon in July and hit the DVD release. Why so late you ask? We're the last to get the complete reference material from the finished movie. We need to be as exacting as possible and until the movie is in the can changes can be made so we impatiently wait to get it right. You can be impatient too, we understand, but it's coming.

Robin Hood, just after IM2 comes the Ridley Scott epic which although about Robin of Loxley could be termed as Gladiator 2 which we frankly don't mind. That should tell you something about the great cast and feel the movie will convey and we'll have all the props and clothing to outfit your own band of Merry Men (and women) coming May.

New Catalogs
If you don't get your new catalogs in the next week or so call us and we'll get them out to you. Very exciting stuff including the debut of the Braveheart line and steampunk.

Talk at ya.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"When desires go, joy comes"

The follower of Buddha finds this truth." ~ The Buddha

We recently had the honor of meeting with Award winning director and Academy Award Nominee Ashutosh Gowariker to discuss working on his latest epic, an English film based on the life of Buddha.

The movie, to be produced by Spice Infotainment Ltd, is believed to be the most expensive film ever made in Bollywood.

Meeting with his gifted staff we got the further exciting news that the script has been written by Academy Award winner David Ward.

"I think the scope of Buddha is global that there are so many countries that are deeply interested, if they had not become Buddhist they are deeply taking interest in learning about Buddhism," said Gowariker.

Speaking about the movie's budget, he said that to re-create the history would be an expensive proposition.

"This is the story that unfolded 2,500 years ago. A time in ancient India when you had slavery, you had cruelty, and neither that is completely far removed from what we have today. To re-create that is an expensive proposition" added Gowariker. Based on the book Old Path White Clouds by a Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thichhat Hanh, the movie will be shot in the Himalayas.

Buddha, with a diverse cast and crew, is expected to go on the floor in May 2010 and be completed by the end of the year. They chose nothing short of the best at all levels for production and we are honored to have been chosen to be working along side these greats and with such costuming experts as April Ferry a veteran of over 50 major Hollywood productions.

The picture shows Mr. Pradeep Windlass and Mr. Gowariker at our meeting (what an incredibly humble, down to earth guy BTW). (The pic above is me meditating...maybe not.)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Giving (and getting) Props

I am the Barber of Sevilllllllllllle! Wow, it's awesome you can't here
me singing. Sometimes I boo myself, even in the shower.

Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing our stuff in action. We supply many, many TV shows, movie sets, theater groups, opera's, etc. and have done so for decades. If you ever thought you recognized our stuff some where there's probably something to that. Credit for the photos shown here go to photographer Rod Millington.

Uniforms, boots, belts, helmets, etc. can all be seen in the Sarasota Opera's latest production, Verdi's Giovanna d'Arco (Joan of Arc). Artistic Director Maestro Victor DeRenzi, Stage Director Martha Collins, Set Designer Jeff Dean, Wig and Make-Up Designer Georgianne Eberhard, Costumes Howard Tsvi Kaplan, Lighting Designer Ken Yunker.

Get cultured - Sarasota Opera you won't regret it.

Now home James...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Robin Hood - coming soon!

Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions!
Wish I thought of that. Now this is the version we've been waiting for- Robin Hood at his grittiest best and actors who look the part. Click here to see the latest trailer and try not to get excited, go on, we dare ya.

Our first wave of props and clothing will center around the obvious - Robin and Marian, plus a few wrinkles thrown in. Then we'll see what happens, but the pieces we've had the good fortune to work with are magnificent and we're proud to bring them to you as seen and used on screen.

Now all you men in tights get moving looting King John, you'll want what we're bringing and coin of the Realm would be appreciated.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who's a geek?

We are!
Thought you'd getta kick out of our staff and the stuff that we personally geek out for. See you're not the only one. Our staff goes for almost anything from these properties, characters or people (in private of course...)

Ally (IT)- Steampunk
Les (IT)- LARP
Nirmal (IT)- Michael Jackson
Brandi (wholesale)- Wolverine
Terry (catalog)- Captain America
Travis (showroom)- Zorro
Bobby (shop monkey)- Thundercats
Dave (marketing)- James Bond, Troy, Star Wars
RC (licensing & dist)- James Bond, Phantom, the new Star Trek

Yes, we're all adults and doing the responsible thing of teaching our children all about our likes so the next gen gets screwed up too. Hey, you won't do it. Of course there's so much more that we love, but that gives you an idea. We're more alike than you thought aren't we?


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Like a bad penny, I always turn up. Well we just came back from Montreal, which is really nice this time of year...if you're a polar bear, meeting with Bollywoods biggest and brightest- no kidding. A new project we'll tell you about soon. If you get a chance to head North to Montreal, check out the hockey and the Indian restaurant Devi on Crescent. Praveen runs a nice place with great food, good prices and portions. The staff was terrific too. They know their way around Indian spices.

You're going to have increased access to our product lines through stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Design Toscano, Toys r us and more. We love that you visit us and are grateful for your patronage, but we also realize the convenience of multiple shopping points and hope you appreciate the ease you'll be able to get our cool items.

We see behind the magic of many great productions and it can ruin some of the excitement or build it. Some movies coming soon we can't wait to see:

Clash of the Titans
Robin Hood
Iron Man 2
Harry Potter
Avatar (again)

The Obi and Luke robes plus Imperial Officer hats will be shipping. Anakin's robe will closely follow.

- Steampunk gadgets, gizmo's, clothing and accessories. We're your HQ for Victorian Sci-fi.
- Marvel Nick Fury ID wallet set- includes ID's, leather wallet and badge. It's no toy, we only do government issue. You can be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
- Braveheart full outfits made from the screen used pieces- own the real thing as worn on set.
- Robin Hood swords, clothing, armor and more. Rob from the rich and buy our stuff. Well maybe not, but your pennies will be served well here rather than into nasty King John's tax coffer.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updates and Other News

Well now who likes to travel? I guess I do. I've been away from all of you and am leaving again for another business trip, so thanks for bearing with me. You really deserve better, well most of you.

The Arc Reactors from Iron Man are shipping, woooooooooo! Only about 2400 will be made (exact count TBD) and the majority are gone so act soon. You may have only another month at this rate to make up your mind and we don't want you kicking yourself later. C'mon we all have a little super hero in us.

Star Wars items will start shipping next week. We hoped this week, but you know how timing goes with licensed stuff.

Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio is nearing completion and is one of the coolest outfits we've ever made. Even if you're not a fan, this Renaissance style outfit is awesome, elegant, sartorial and killer. Weapons and clothing coming around April/May for pre-order.

2 new old licenses were reacquired by us and we're proud to have the classic Gladiator and LOTR licenses back where they belong. Clothing, armor, LARP is all on the way this year.

Braveheart is fully approved and in production. You know you want to be William Wallace or Isabella, and you deserve the real, screen accurate deal. Definitive and never done before for true fans and history buffs. Then Sleepy Hollow...

Finally, we've put our unique stamp on Steampunk. Our sections will be loaded these coming weeks with gadgets, gizmo's, clothing and more. We're your steampunk HQ and proud of it. The Victorian Age melded with early Industrial Sci-fi never looked so good.

Well that should be enough to chew on for now. Need more, try a Snickers, I hear your cravings will go to Germany.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's Iron Man?

-You can be! The Stark Arc Reactors are set to ship next week Woooooo! These are limited to only 2400 and most are gone, so if you didn't get one yet you really need to do a fly by and secure one. You're heart will thank you.

-Star Wars, we have pretty good news on this front also. Some items came in stock and will be shipping this month. Mainly accessory pieces like Jedi robes and Imperial hats, but you've got to start somewhere. The Force is strong with these pieces...boy I'm lousy with this whole Jedi mind trick thing.

Annual Sale
I'm putting the bug in your ear now, no excuses. Every year in May (this year the 22nd) we hold a fire sale in our warehouse selling off discontinued merchandise, slightly damaged, prototypes, samples, etc. at prices often times at or below cost. Plus we have all current merchandise in the catalogs at 15% off. The product represents our full offerings whether we made them or not and covers ACC and MRL products. So from name brand knives for everyday use to a Renaissance dress, you'll have quite the selection.

It's only a one day event, but worth it. At no other time during the year will you find savings like it. But you need to be HERE to take advantage. Conyers, GA on a Saturday. There are worse places you could be, OK none off the top of my head, but...We're just kidding, it's a great place to visitand we welcome all of you. The Dukes of Hazzard was shot here, how bad can it be? Call for more details 800-883-8838.

See you there!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Myth of the Sword

OK, now pay attention. I see you rolling your eyes, stop that. Our swords and frankly any other smith who hand forges, uses premium high carbon steel, properly tempers and heat treats and employs a full tang is an accurate and damn good sword. And in most cases much better than historical originals (often times their steel was impure). Now what that means to you is that they can perform (with the proper care, cutting techniques, realistic expectations (no movie crap) and with respect) exactly as the originals did in battle. Hence our term "battle ready."

Battle Ready does not mean Errol Flynn, Highlander, Kill Bill, LOTR, etc edge to edge hammer time. Swords were never, and we mean never used that way. Yes, it looks damn cool on screen, but you're witnessing a completely different manner of sword play, one which requires a very special tool. Theatrical sword play needs to look flashy, magical and handle the rigors of multiple edge to edge duels and still be safe, in other words a long thin hammer. Right tool for the right job and all that. Be sure of what you need before you start and are qualified to do it.

Our swords are used by the History Channel, Discovery Channel and theater groups all over the world with great success. Not sure what you need? Ask us, we're there for you. Now doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?


Friday, January 29, 2010

A Really Great Show!

What a Show!

We had a great time at the Costume and Party Expo in Houston; our exhibit was received very, very well and we're glad more stores than ever will offer our great line of clothing and costumes. Nothing in your area? Talk to a shop owner with complimentary product and have them contact us. It would be pretty cool to get our stuff locally, right? Right? I didn't get a harummph out of that know who you are. 800-241-3664 for stores.

The Wolverine jackets and dog tags are shipping and cool as #$%$#!!! Just a really neat, high quality jacket fan or not. I must reiterate to some of you loyal (but at times maybe a touch misguided) fans. Our jacket is not from Origins, it is from the first movie of the original trilogy and made directly from the jacket worn by Hugh Jackman. Many jackets were used through all the movies, most with visual alterations even within the same movie, but rest assured you have the best representation out there of the one used most often. Fox and Marvel say so and we all can't be wrong. Or can we? Don't answer that.

Iron Man Arc Reactors are here (well, in Customs anyway). They should start shipping out late next week.

Star Wars products are on the way, packaging is done, now that pesky COA and were really cooking. Just so you know, we have 6 more outfits planned this year so hold on.

Collectible Shows
Let us know where you go and why. We do many shows from movie & TV to comics and collectibles, but don't know about all so your input is great. Maybe we'll show up and make the show even better. Which one is hot Gencon? Wondercon? Dragoncon? Comiccon? Another? Leave a comment as to what and why and we'll look into it.

Got a group you want to outfit for a show or event? Let us know and we'll see what we can do to ease the financial burden. Roman soldiers, Spartans, super heroes, etc. any group buy gets you some savings. Just drop us an email and ask.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Halloween Already?

Miss me?
I'll be scarce for a week or so as we exhibit at the Costume and Party Expo in Houston. Sounds interesting I know, but Houston? If any one has any pull, Hawaii would be preferred...

Remember you can see us anytime at our store, just call ahead...we run background checks. Just kidding, but not really. 800-883-8838, plus at Dragon Con in Atlanta and Comic Con in San Diego. We'd love to meet you and you and you, not you, you and you. Plan ahead these things sell out fasssssst.

We like suggestions and get some of our best from you, feel free to bug retail for a product or line you've seen. You never know, we may pick it up or make it. As an example we'll be expanding greatly our Cold Steel line per your demand.

Thanks so much for all the kind feedback on our licensed items, the fact that you come to us and buy them shows your good taste and we're honored you would choose us as your source.

Talk at ya.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Products and More

New License News:

We've made huge progress on Robin Hood, Harry Potter, Iron Man 2 and more. 2010 should be a great year for collectibles. Each has tentative dates of May for product release.

Product Shipping Update:

Marvel - the Wolverine jackets are in and shipping and the AR units from Iron Man should be here next week. Each shipment is selling through so get to it bub. There has been some question about Captain America lately and we want you to know a few of the 1940's shields both original and original variant are still available. I want a 'yes sir' out of you soldier! The classic round will make a return in the future.

Star Wars
- still having minor issues with packaging, but product is on the way for Feb.

New Products from our latest catalogs:

Some Museum Replicas Highlights -
Some Atlanta Cutlery Highlights -
Wow, that's a lot of great stuff to go with our other great stuff. And remember if you have questions about any of our great items don't hesitate to call our great staff. Did the great part sink in? I thought repetition was good for memory retention? Or maybe it's just annoying, I can't remember.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2010! We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

Shipping Notes:
For all of you patient fans of Marvel, good news:

The Wolverine jackets with dog tags arrived and are beginning to ship. We're sorry there is no pic update yet on the webpage for it. The actual coat is better than the prototype featured and some minor changes were made to be even more exact to Hugh Jackman's which Fox was nice enough to get us. When it's approved by Marvel, 20th Century Fox and us, you know something went right.

The Iron Man Arc Reactors should be here in the next week or so. Yep, we can't wait either. Drool away, it's an awesome piece.

Star Wars:
A bit of a delay, don't worry everything is in production, but we just got the packaging approved so clothing may not start arriving until Feb/March. Hang in there. Plus the Stormtrooper is getting close. I'll let you know more later hee, hee, hee...

New S
Maybe the hottest thing this month is our new sword handle umbrella (882309), a great way to battle the elements and rainy knights. (Wow was that corny.)

Hot Movies:

Sherlock Holmes and Avatar dominate of coarse and hopefully Holmes got you excited about our sword canes we offer in ACC. Kind of cool to be using stuff like them isn't it?