Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2010! We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

Shipping Notes:
For all of you patient fans of Marvel, good news:

The Wolverine jackets with dog tags arrived and are beginning to ship. We're sorry there is no pic update yet on the webpage for it. The actual coat is better than the prototype featured and some minor changes were made to be even more exact to Hugh Jackman's which Fox was nice enough to get us. When it's approved by Marvel, 20th Century Fox and us, you know something went right.

The Iron Man Arc Reactors should be here in the next week or so. Yep, we can't wait either. Drool away, it's an awesome piece.

Star Wars:
A bit of a delay, don't worry everything is in production, but we just got the packaging approved so clothing may not start arriving until Feb/March. Hang in there. Plus the Stormtrooper is getting close. I'll let you know more later hee, hee, hee...

New S
Maybe the hottest thing this month is our new sword handle umbrella (882309), a great way to battle the elements and rainy knights. (Wow was that corny.)

Hot Movies:

Sherlock Holmes and Avatar dominate of coarse and hopefully Holmes got you excited about our sword canes we offer in ACC. Kind of cool to be using stuff like them isn't it?


Anonymous said...

With the Sir Ridley Scott Robin Hood suposedly coming out in May is there anything on the horizon?

Rob C said...

Oh gosh is there. We were on set and got amazing help and reference. The characters and props will really come to life in a big way around the release date. Enjoy.

tancred1 said...

The movie site that I saw the new Robin Hood trailer on had the trailer freeze framed on a shot of I'm guessing was Richard the Lionheart. It was interesting, because I could have sworn they had the same exact crowned helm and Sword of the King from MRL's Kingdom of Heaven collection. Is Scott reusing some of the props from his prior medieval movie, I wonder?

I was unwise enough to pass on the Sword of the King when it was first offered, but lucky enough to find a used one after it could no longer be found anywhere. Hated Kingdom of Heaven as a historical movie, but I love a lot of the items from MRL's collection. I'm really glad to have that sword. Eager to see what you guys are coming up with next!

Rob C said...

Good eye, you do in fact see some carry over from K of H. This was always intended to be sort of a completion to a grand saga for Sir Ridley. So it is loosely a continuation of the first story making continuity important.