Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updates and Other News

Well now who likes to travel? I guess I do. I've been away from all of you and am leaving again for another business trip, so thanks for bearing with me. You really deserve better, well most of you.

The Arc Reactors from Iron Man are shipping, woooooooooo! Only about 2400 will be made (exact count TBD) and the majority are gone so act soon. You may have only another month at this rate to make up your mind and we don't want you kicking yourself later. C'mon we all have a little super hero in us.

Star Wars items will start shipping next week. We hoped this week, but you know how timing goes with licensed stuff.

Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio is nearing completion and is one of the coolest outfits we've ever made. Even if you're not a fan, this Renaissance style outfit is awesome, elegant, sartorial and killer. Weapons and clothing coming around April/May for pre-order.

2 new old licenses were reacquired by us and we're proud to have the classic Gladiator and LOTR licenses back where they belong. Clothing, armor, LARP is all on the way this year.

Braveheart is fully approved and in production. You know you want to be William Wallace or Isabella, and you deserve the real, screen accurate deal. Definitive and never done before for true fans and history buffs. Then Sleepy Hollow...

Finally, we've put our unique stamp on Steampunk. Our sections will be loaded these coming weeks with gadgets, gizmo's, clothing and more. We're your steampunk HQ and proud of it. The Victorian Age melded with early Industrial Sci-fi never looked so good.

Well that should be enough to chew on for now. Need more, try a Snickers, I hear your cravings will go to Germany.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's Iron Man?

-You can be! The Stark Arc Reactors are set to ship next week Woooooo! These are limited to only 2400 and most are gone, so if you didn't get one yet you really need to do a fly by and secure one. You're heart will thank you.

-Star Wars, we have pretty good news on this front also. Some items came in stock and will be shipping this month. Mainly accessory pieces like Jedi robes and Imperial hats, but you've got to start somewhere. The Force is strong with these pieces...boy I'm lousy with this whole Jedi mind trick thing.

Annual Sale
I'm putting the bug in your ear now, no excuses. Every year in May (this year the 22nd) we hold a fire sale in our warehouse selling off discontinued merchandise, slightly damaged, prototypes, samples, etc. at prices often times at or below cost. Plus we have all current merchandise in the catalogs at 15% off. The product represents our full offerings whether we made them or not and covers ACC and MRL products. So from name brand knives for everyday use to a Renaissance dress, you'll have quite the selection.

It's only a one day event, but worth it. At no other time during the year will you find savings like it. But you need to be HERE to take advantage. Conyers, GA on a Saturday. There are worse places you could be, OK none off the top of my head, but...We're just kidding, it's a great place to visitand we welcome all of you. The Dukes of Hazzard was shot here, how bad can it be? Call for more details 800-883-8838.

See you there!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Myth of the Sword

OK, now pay attention. I see you rolling your eyes, stop that. Our swords and frankly any other smith who hand forges, uses premium high carbon steel, properly tempers and heat treats and employs a full tang is an accurate and damn good sword. And in most cases much better than historical originals (often times their steel was impure). Now what that means to you is that they can perform (with the proper care, cutting techniques, realistic expectations (no movie crap) and with respect) exactly as the originals did in battle. Hence our term "battle ready."

Battle Ready does not mean Errol Flynn, Highlander, Kill Bill, LOTR, etc edge to edge hammer time. Swords were never, and we mean never used that way. Yes, it looks damn cool on screen, but you're witnessing a completely different manner of sword play, one which requires a very special tool. Theatrical sword play needs to look flashy, magical and handle the rigors of multiple edge to edge duels and still be safe, in other words a long thin hammer. Right tool for the right job and all that. Be sure of what you need before you start and are qualified to do it.

Our swords are used by the History Channel, Discovery Channel and theater groups all over the world with great success. Not sure what you need? Ask us, we're there for you. Now doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?