Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"When desires go, joy comes"

The follower of Buddha finds this truth." ~ The Buddha

We recently had the honor of meeting with Award winning director and Academy Award Nominee Ashutosh Gowariker to discuss working on his latest epic, an English film based on the life of Buddha.

The movie, to be produced by Spice Infotainment Ltd, is believed to be the most expensive film ever made in Bollywood.

Meeting with his gifted staff we got the further exciting news that the script has been written by Academy Award winner David Ward.

"I think the scope of Buddha is global that there are so many countries that are deeply interested, if they had not become Buddhist they are deeply taking interest in learning about Buddhism," said Gowariker.

Speaking about the movie's budget, he said that to re-create the history would be an expensive proposition.

"This is the story that unfolded 2,500 years ago. A time in ancient India when you had slavery, you had cruelty, and neither that is completely far removed from what we have today. To re-create that is an expensive proposition" added Gowariker. Based on the book Old Path White Clouds by a Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thichhat Hanh, the movie will be shot in the Himalayas.

Buddha, with a diverse cast and crew, is expected to go on the floor in May 2010 and be completed by the end of the year. They chose nothing short of the best at all levels for production and we are honored to have been chosen to be working along side these greats and with such costuming experts as April Ferry a veteran of over 50 major Hollywood productions.

The picture shows Mr. Pradeep Windlass and Mr. Gowariker at our meeting (what an incredibly humble, down to earth guy BTW). (The pic above is me meditating...maybe not.)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Giving (and getting) Props

I am the Barber of Sevilllllllllllle! Wow, it's awesome you can't here
me singing. Sometimes I boo myself, even in the shower.

Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing our stuff in action. We supply many, many TV shows, movie sets, theater groups, opera's, etc. and have done so for decades. If you ever thought you recognized our stuff some where there's probably something to that. Credit for the photos shown here go to photographer Rod Millington.

Uniforms, boots, belts, helmets, etc. can all be seen in the Sarasota Opera's latest production, Verdi's Giovanna d'Arco (Joan of Arc). Artistic Director Maestro Victor DeRenzi, Stage Director Martha Collins, Set Designer Jeff Dean, Wig and Make-Up Designer Georgianne Eberhard, Costumes Howard Tsvi Kaplan, Lighting Designer Ken Yunker.

Get cultured - Sarasota Opera you won't regret it.

Now home James...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Robin Hood - coming soon!

Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions!
Wish I thought of that. Now this is the version we've been waiting for- Robin Hood at his grittiest best and actors who look the part. Click here to see the latest trailer and try not to get excited, go on, we dare ya.

Our first wave of props and clothing will center around the obvious - Robin and Marian, plus a few wrinkles thrown in. Then we'll see what happens, but the pieces we've had the good fortune to work with are magnificent and we're proud to bring them to you as seen and used on screen.

Now all you men in tights get moving looting King John, you'll want what we're bringing and coin of the Realm would be appreciated.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who's a geek?

We are!
Thought you'd getta kick out of our staff and the stuff that we personally geek out for. See you're not the only one. Our staff goes for almost anything from these properties, characters or people (in private of course...)

Ally (IT)- Steampunk
Les (IT)- LARP
Nirmal (IT)- Michael Jackson
Brandi (wholesale)- Wolverine
Terry (catalog)- Captain America
Travis (showroom)- Zorro
Bobby (shop monkey)- Thundercats
Dave (marketing)- James Bond, Troy, Star Wars
RC (licensing & dist)- James Bond, Phantom, the new Star Trek

Yes, we're all adults and doing the responsible thing of teaching our children all about our likes so the next gen gets screwed up too. Hey, you won't do it. Of course there's so much more that we love, but that gives you an idea. We're more alike than you thought aren't we?


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Like a bad penny, I always turn up. Well we just came back from Montreal, which is really nice this time of year...if you're a polar bear, meeting with Bollywoods biggest and brightest- no kidding. A new project we'll tell you about soon. If you get a chance to head North to Montreal, check out the hockey and the Indian restaurant Devi on Crescent. Praveen runs a nice place with great food, good prices and portions. The staff was terrific too. They know their way around Indian spices.

You're going to have increased access to our product lines through stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Design Toscano, Toys r us and more. We love that you visit us and are grateful for your patronage, but we also realize the convenience of multiple shopping points and hope you appreciate the ease you'll be able to get our cool items.

We see behind the magic of many great productions and it can ruin some of the excitement or build it. Some movies coming soon we can't wait to see:

Clash of the Titans
Robin Hood
Iron Man 2
Harry Potter
Avatar (again)

The Obi and Luke robes plus Imperial Officer hats will be shipping. Anakin's robe will closely follow.

- Steampunk gadgets, gizmo's, clothing and accessories. We're your HQ for Victorian Sci-fi.
- Marvel Nick Fury ID wallet set- includes ID's, leather wallet and badge. It's no toy, we only do government issue. You can be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
- Braveheart full outfits made from the screen used pieces- own the real thing as worn on set.
- Robin Hood swords, clothing, armor and more. Rob from the rich and buy our stuff. Well maybe not, but your pennies will be served well here rather than into nasty King John's tax coffer.