Friday, March 12, 2010

Robin Hood - coming soon!

Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions!
Wish I thought of that. Now this is the version we've been waiting for- Robin Hood at his grittiest best and actors who look the part. Click here to see the latest trailer and try not to get excited, go on, we dare ya.

Our first wave of props and clothing will center around the obvious - Robin and Marian, plus a few wrinkles thrown in. Then we'll see what happens, but the pieces we've had the good fortune to work with are magnificent and we're proud to bring them to you as seen and used on screen.

Now all you men in tights get moving looting King John, you'll want what we're bringing and coin of the Realm would be appreciated.


tancred1 said...

I'm really excited to see what all of you at MRL are coming up with for this new Robin Hood movie. Even more excited about Braveheart. Have an idea on when these will be seen in the catalog?

Rob C said...

We're excited too and can't wait to get the pieces to you. Braveheart has really stirred everyone we meet and we're really happy with the line celebrating the 15th anniversary. The line will debut in April.

Joanne Moore said...

Robin Hood was not a myth. He lived in the 11th century and was Robert Sherwood of Loxley/The Earlof Huntington. He became Robin Hood upon return from crusades fought with Richard the Lion Hearted.
When he returned to England he became disgusted with the rapaciousness of John and turned to "robbing the rich to
give to the poor,"
Outlawed by King John,he
gave up his rank and he helped the poor until he died. He is buried in an open field just outside Nottingham, UK. How do I know? I have seen his grave The grave stone plainly reads
"The Earl of Huntington"
OH yes---on my father's mother's side (she was a Sherwood)it is
written in the family bible--which,unfortunataely was stolen when my grandfather died, by my fathers'cousin However I did see it before it"dsappeared"and was a matter of many family conversations
It is plainly based on actual facts and embroidered upon though the years.