Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Q&A - ComicCon

We've heard from a few of you about Comic Con and not being able to attend, which we're sorry about. Mostly because it robs you of a good chance to see the new items we have coming. Now I can't give more info than this until after the show in a few weeks, so put your hand down, but here's a sneak peek:

Harry Potter-
Hermione Yule Gown
Snape entire outfit
Dumbledore entire outfit
House outfits complete
Invisibility cloak, not for you muggles

All as worn on screen. We will be displaying at the park in Orlando too, but couldn't get everything together in time to do both events- Grand opening and the Con, but we're on it.

Iron Man 2 Nick Fury leather trench coat
Iron Man 2 Stark racking jacket
Iron Man 2 new arc reactor
Iron Man 2 suitcase suit (as a case)
Nick Fury classic issue SHIELD gun
Nick Fury classic ID set/wallet

Plus all new Star Wars stuff!

We should have many items up on our websites late July for pre-order so check back often. I might even do a special give away, if your nice to me of course...


tancred1 said...

I can't make it to ComicCon, either, so yeah, an online contest from MRL would be great. Can't wait to see some more from the Star Wars line!

maf779 said...

The Harry Potter collection looks great. However, you do realize this fandom (unlike most of the rest for which you have developed costumes) is made up almost completely by adult women? For whom you are offering zero choices. When I talked with your reps at ComicCon 2009 I was lead to believe there would at least be a Prof. McGonagall outfit. I must admit I am disappointed. I was looking forward to finally having something to order from you.