Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are we reaching you?

We have recently released our newest pole arm blade the Spanish Halberd Head. It has been that long since we introduced the many types of pole arms offered through the Cold Steel Man at Arms series. Personally I love to see a variety of weapons available for purchase. Not everyone sees themselves as only a swordsman and an armory just isn't as impressive without a good axe or pike thrown in the mix. How about you? Like to see multiple combat options or are you strictly swords?


Dan said...

I love pole arms, and there are so many different styles. I'd love to see you have a much larger selection for us to choose from!

Caleb Cox said...

I'm glad Museum Replicas is offering more historical museum pieces that are not just swords. I'm solely a sword collector myself, but if the right piece comes up in the future, I'll definitely bite!