Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Retribution from Brent Weeks Night Angel!

The wait is finally over! Museum replicas is overjoyed to announce our line of LICENSED reproductions from author Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy! First and foremost is the sword Retribution! Wielded by Durzo Blint and passed on to Kylar Stern, this blade is just as key to the story as the characters themselves. MRL has done much to bring you a true representation of the sword following the design shown in the graphic novel adaptation of the series. High carbon steel blackened to a mirror finish in order to emulate the look of the black ka'kari. A black hilt and pommel bring balance to this fairly large piece and the handle is wrapped in leather...also black. :) All this and that's just the sword!    

The poison dagger is also black on black with high carbon steel, but along the edge are some keenly placed holes. These are for those plying the wetboy craft and can be stuffed with poison soaked cotton making the slightest cut lethal. 

Might as well match if you're going to carry all that gear, and that's easily done with the combo belt and scabbard! The black leather sheath is embossed with runes while the belt has several vials for carrying various serums and salves. Tie it all together with the vambraces and you're loooking halfway to being the Night Angel yourself!

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