Friday, June 10, 2016

Swords for Display

To some, the only sword is one that functions in battle. Able to take an edge, then both give and receive blows. But in today's society there isn't much practical use for a functioning sword. In the interest of lowering maintenance and reducing the possibility for harm, decorative swords became a reality. Most display swords are made of a low grade stainless steel. This gives the blade the heft and feel of a real sword but removes the need to constantly be warding off rust. Another common method is to take a lower grade steel or iron and coat it with a nickel finish, which will once again prevent the sword from rusting, while adding a more mirrored finish to the blade. But not all display swords are created equally. For example, military ceremonial swords can be made of "battle ready" steel but because of current advances in technology, are not expected to be used. A decorative sword is an excellent way to showcase your passion without bringing the extra danger home. It shouldn't be looked down on as an inferior weapon, but embraced as a suitable concession to safety or even an artistic tribute.

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