Friday, July 8, 2016

Battlecry blade finish

The finish on Windlass Battlecry line is very special, with a design that has been well thought out. These swords, along with the axe and seax, really needed to be able to stand out in any collection and for that, plain polished steel simply would not do. At first glance, the blade may appear to be blackened, but the longer one looks, the more the design resembles what currently the knife industry refers to as "stone washed." However, under further close examination, the finish of a Battlecry weapon is more like black marble with veins of white running through it. It was such a unique presentation, that we at MRL knew it was the one. But the design isn't just for looks! Having this added coating on a blade helps reduce the rate at which rust builds up on the steel. This gives the owner a little bit of breathing room in between cleanings. The pattern is also good for hiding minor blemishes, which can show up after a good cutting practice. Museum Replicas takes pride not only in the quality of the steel and it's performance, but the image it projects both in your hand and on your wall.

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