Friday, July 8, 2016

How to display your sword collection

It was such a long wait, you either had to come of age or get permission to own a sword. But now that you have your very own blade, where do you put it when not at your side? Well we at Museum replicas might have some thoughts on that. Most people choose to hang their swords. This puts them on prime display while simultaneously keeping them out of reach of some of the smaller family members. At MRL we like to look professional so we use mounts like the sword plaque or the universal sword hanger. The sword plaque allows for a framed effect around the hilt and also offers space for complimentary artwork, while the universal hanger leaves the sword to shine in it's own glory. Keep in mind though that these methods of display are usually limited to swords with a cross guard and not a basket.

Another choice is using a floor display stand. Frequently used for military sword display, these stands showcase the sword at ground level and have the weapon supported by the blade. Displaying a katana on the other hand, is another story. Katana displays are built for resting on a table top or on the wall. But they are different from sword plaques being that they are racks regularly meant for the three traditional Japanese blades. The most interesting of all sword display has to be the custom jobs. A glass case that keeps the blade safe and clean is always appealing. How about a mannequin posed for action? Creativity can lead to marvelous displays just remember to be safe!


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