Saturday, September 24, 2016

See Us on the History Channel!


On October 4, History Channel's Forged in Fire will be airing the seventh episode of its third season. If you are currently a fan of the show then you know it's a great watch just for the fun of seeing some awesome smithing projects. But what's so special about this particular episode? Well, it's common for the show to do some practical demonstrations with the finished pieces, and the blade for this episode is going to be up against some Museum Replicas armor! Get a chance to see what kind of damage these freshly forged blades will do to the likes of our Duke of Burgundy suit of armor. Tune in for the fun and see a little cameo of our gear!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Honing your haunting spirit

The Halloween season is just around the corner and Museum Replicas can help you make the night the most memorable with an exceptional costume! We cover a lot of ground, from time periods spanning ancient Greece to the Victorian Era; cultural classics such as the fearsome Vikings, Knights in Shining Armor, Cunning Pirates, and beyond with the imaginings of Fantasy and Steampunk!
Got an old costume from one of the recent conventions? Dust that puppy off and add some accoutrements or props to make it ready to wear even better than before! With so many selections and ease of access to our website, there is no reason not to start today! Or you could come visit our wondrous showroom in Conyers, GA for some direct person-to-person assistance!